'ma' website design


The website's concept, and thus the design, was drawn from Matt Huynh's 2013 biographical graphic novel ‘Ma’, and how its subject matter relates to different language interpretations of the word ‘Ma’. This was my first employment of HTML and basic CSS.


The four interpretations of “Ma” that the site was designed around were “Ma” as informal English for “Mother”, as Japanese for “Interval”, as Sanskrit for “Water” and as Vietnamese for “Ghost”. The structure of the website was designed to reflect the meaning of each word, with “Mother” being an establishing section and “Interval” being the change between the light and dark areas of the page, and the change in tone within the subject matter. “Water” is presented as the area in which the user reads an excerpt from Hyunh’s comic about a refugee boat, and “Ghost” as an ethereal representation of white text on a grey background, as though looking through a ghost. 

The project involved a significant amount of methodical planning and processing, and involved complex programming for a first project. The images below show my process from early content sketching, through a site-map, to my CSS blueprint, and a stitched version of the final website.

ma expansion