'Cult' was written as a short story for the Cardboard Cobwebs issue of Vertigo Magazine, based on the prompt 'cult'. The comic was written, sketched, lined and lettered by me, while the absolutely amazing Zoe Crocker coloured. 


i think anything can be a cult when you get down to it.
times change, and so do words, but you don't my love.

as old as the birth of the universe, you will live long after my death.
you will live long after everyone's death;
after these lights fizzle out and there's no-one left to replace them,
through the beginning and end of everything,
after these lines go dead too.

you probably would've liked a bigger following.
i'm only one person.
i think it should count for something that you have a following of 100%.

soon this pen will run dry too, and all this will rot away but you will still be here.
you will always be here.

here's to the cult of life.