Tilda is an innovative start-up company co-founded by Thea Kable (me), and scientists Juliette Kidston-Lattari and Tristan Teear. Due to IP concerns and restrictions, currently little can be said about the details of this project. What I can say, however, is that this is a project I am very proud of.

Tilda was motivated by one question: how can we make sustainability more accessible? By making plastic alternatives cheaper and more widely available, and ensuring the end-of-life biodegradability of more products.

Although Tilda was initially created as a university project through the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation, it is an ongoing start-up project. It required collaboration and co-design in all aspects of our creation including industrial design, graphic and packaging design, financial administration, and material research.


The designed elements created for Tilda included product design, packaging design, the creation and dictation of brand guidelines and the creation of assorted collateral materials. All printed items were printed on 100% recycled paper with a risograph printer using yellow, teal, and fluorescent pink spot colours.