more than meets the four-eyes


Hey, my name is Thea Kable, I’m a designer working in Sydney and studying at the University of Technology Sydney. I have a double degree (oooh, so fancy) in a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication, and a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation.

I’ve got a lot of different experiences under my belt including being an international representative athlete, working in the Sydney Festival and with the Make Nice Un-Conference, and as being an innovation consultant on projects for a variety of organisations. I’ve got lots of fingers in lots of pies, or however that phrase goes. I’m also a fan of puns and plays on words, but we can burn that bridge when we come to it.

My specialties are motion design, concept creation, creative innovation and illustration. I’ve just finished my fourth of my undergraduate degree, but am always free to talk about work or passion projects (I always have one on the burner, and would love to hear about yours).





(some) people and projects


Hello Social

- design and media intern, focusing on brand design, illustration and animation

through Hello Social I worked with large clients including:

Thomas Sabo
Luna Park
Lifeline Australia
Model Co.
Duty Free Shopping
20th Century Fox

Make Nice

- graphic design, prop construction, event installation, brand ambassador


- animated illustrations, editorial illustrations, comic writing and illustration

Seizure Magazine

- animated editorial illustrations

Ombree D'Anjou (a town commune in France)

- brand and identity design, animation spot, furniture design

The Rizzeria

- sales assistant, brand design, print production

Meilie Aime by EM

- design management, print production, brand design