Eden and Entropy


In October 2018, I was invited to read some of my comics at an event called Read To Me, created by Gabe Clark and Fionn McCabe. I had a small dilemma; normally I either create comics that have no diegetic sound or I illustrate for the words and articles of others, often those in completely different disciplines to mine.

What I decided to take advantage of is my favourite aspect of being a creator and communicator, the ability to take ideas meant for one audience and to shift and mold them for another. What I created were two sister comics, the first two in a series, regarding the ideas and knowledge I found within my project Who We Become On Mars.


Nowhere Near Eden is fictionalised adaptation of true stories from those that have lived in intentional living communities, primarily NASA’s HI-SEAS project. It explores how we, as humans, adapt to loss and significant change and the psychological extrapolations that can be drawn from utopian communities. All editions of the comic, and all specialty prints, are printed with a risograph printer (incredibly environmentally friendly and uses soy-based inks).


Entropy is the sister-story to Nowhere Near Eden, following instead those that escaped and fled. It touches on the ideas of exlusionist versus inclusionist utopias, and the patterns of avoidance and self-deception that are present even in today’s society.


@failed_spaces is a small extension of this project; an automated twitterbot I created which now posts one short story a day based on my research into real failed utopias.